At Lapis Angularis, we understand the complexities facing Marketing executives with setting up and running a Marketing Operations function. While dealing with the strategic and day to day marketing challenges, they also have to deliver a solid Marketing Operations foundation.

But first, what is Marketing Operations?

Well, it’s a relatively new discipline within Corporate Marketing. Its objective is to increase both marketing efficiency and effectiveness by supporting the marketing organization with standardized processes, technology, metrics and best practices. Ultimately, Marketing Operations enables an organization to run the marketing function as a fully accountable business. Lapis Angularis is a boutique consultancy helping marketers to set-up the Marketing Operations function:

  • We focus on the big picture, looking beyond a specific tool or agency to help you integrate campaign execution tasks across all your marketing partners and tools
  • We operate as an extension of the client organization, at an equal distance from all internal and external stakeholders, agencies and technology vendors
  • We provide a truly integrated solution, bridging the gap between technology capabilities, people and policy requirements
Through standardization and integration of Marketing Operations, global brands can achieve efficiencies, ensure compliance and measure marketing performance more accurately.